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You Want A Good Facial Experience

So, you decide to finally use that gift certificate you received almost 3 months ago for your birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. It is for a facial to a spa of sorts and you are not quite sure what to expect. Probably a lambasting of how you should be taking care of your skin and then a sales pitch on expensive treatments and products you NEED. And maybe at this point your thinking why even go? But you don’t want to hurt the person’s feeling you received that gift certificate from. And you know they will be asking you if you used it and how you liked the place. So, you go and hopefully you meet someone like me who has been in your shoes. Someone who remembers their first facial experience. 

When I was attending esthetics school. I decided to play spy. I went to a place that I was told was very nice and the facials were awesome. I wanted to learn how this all worked. From how I was greeted when I walked through the door to how they would let me exit the place. Would I feel pressured into purchasing products? How expensive are the products and the treatments? Would I like the touch of my Esthetician, her personality, and how knowledgeable was she about skin? Will she listen to my skin concerns? How clean would the place be? I wanted to see what it would be like to be the client. I’m so glad I had the experience. And so now when I’m in the Esthetician seat, I remind myself of what I was thinking and how I wanted to be treated. I don’t want to be scolded or have my arm twisted into expensive products or treatments. I want to be taken good care of and be educated on my skin. I want to know what will help me have beautiful skin. I WANT HONESTY AND TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT!

I’m glad I went for a facial even though I didn’t have a gift certificate. As a matter of fact, I went for many facials at different places. I learned a lot. I learned exactly what it felt like to be the client. I knew when I had clients what I would and wouldn’t do. I have made a few mistakes in my last 8 years. And I have discovered honesty is the best policy, a good education and, good listening skills. And it was very important to get the client to feel relaxed, comfortable and feel like they were at home. NO ARM TWISTING or making someone feel guilty about how they are not taking care of their skin or using the proper products. Who needs to hear that noise? And definitely having a sense of humor with clients. Making someone smile or laugh is the best way I know to get them to relax.

I hope you will come to see me here at Revive Regenerative Medical Spa. I do in fact have a no arm twisting policy. No guilting you into anything. Just the facts about your skin and what I can do to help you. What you will get from me is the skinny on your skin. An answer to what are the best products and treatment plan. I customize your needs to your skin type and concerns. I work to give you the wow factor when you look in the mirror.

Cynthia @ Revive Regenerative Medical Spa

Chelsea Haybarger