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Time Is Important to Everyone

Time can be a delicate issue in a professional practice. Our mission is 5 star service, spending quality time with each and every patient. Unlike a budget practice based on quick in and out high volume, it is important to us to give each patient our best knowledge, direction, and the medical plan of care that best achieves their health and personal goals.

Scheduling an appointment time that works for the patient and the providers require a level of respect for both sides. As we all know, life throws us curves. People get ill, have accidents, family emergencies (fur family members included!), tragedy, unavoidable traffic or mandatory work obligations. These are certainly acceptable situations for occasionally missing an appointment or being late. There are other circumstances that cause patients to miss appointments or tardiness that could be avoided with prioritizing or better planning.

We are a professional medical office. The time scheduled for each appointment is the patient’s reserved personal time with the medical staff, it’s all about them from start to finish. When patients are late, it backs up the schedule, negatively affecting the following patients and our quality time with them. Most medical offices charge for missed appointments and for tardiness of 15min+. This is because appointments in a professional setting are a higher priority than routine obligations. We require a minimum of 24 business hours for cancellation or reschedule. After 2 no call, no shows, there is a $25 reminder fee.

If a patient is booked for a specific treatment or visit with the doctor, advanced nurse practitioner or esthetician know that the clinical time allotted was carefully planned out. It is important to us that we spend enough quality time with each patient to best address their needs and concerns. There are typically several patients booked consecutively so any delays are discourteous to our staff and the patients that follow.

If a patient has any advanced notice they will be late or cannot make their appointment, it is respectful and courteous to call the office as soon as possible with notification so we can adjust the schedule or try to get another patient to fill the booked time slot. At a professional office, notice for tardiness or cancellation is expected. Unfilled booked appointments because of no shows or last minute cancellations leave us no time to fill the slot with another patient; that is time wasted for all. Folks that are chronically late or habitually no show are quite disruptive to the clinic, the daily schedule and our other patients. Patients shouldn’t play chess with their appointments, if unsure if a time works, we can add a note that it is tentative, but this should be an exception.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated. We here at Revive care deeply for the health of our patients and tirelessly work at providing the best clinical and customer experience. We want our patients happy, healthy, and beautiful!

Chelsea Haybarger