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Age Management + Hormone Replacement

Age Management + Hormone Replacement

While we can’t stop aging, we can manage the process, reduce symptoms, improve function, and help you live better. Premier Age Management employs a comprehensive evidence-based approach to optimizing your health and function while focusing on patient safety, wellness, and prevention.

Don’t accept declining physical function and reduced activity as normal aging! Age Management Medicine is a specialized field that not only focuses on making you look, feel, and function better, but it also addresses prevention to lessen your risk of major medical conditions. It is a shift in thinking from illness to prevention!

Premier Age Management’s comprehensive program is focused on improving your quality of life. Our physician director develops your treatment protocol and personally monitors your progress at each visit. We tailor hormonal therapy based on your symptoms and laboratory results. We combine individualized hormonal treatments with nutrition counseling, exercise guidance, vitamin/herbal/prescription medications, and preventive medicine strategies to maximize your health. Expect Healthier Aging!

We develop a wellness program for our patients that includes:

• Fitness assessment and direct access to elite exercise specialists

• Nutrition and diet plans lead by our physician and weight management counselor

• Hormone replacement and optimization

• Preventive and wellness medicine with advanced medical screening & exams

• Body composition and aerobic capacity testing

• Nutraceutical, herbal, and vitamin therapies

• Selected prescription medications as needed

• Ongoing education and personal interaction with our physician through regular clinic visits, handouts, phone calls, and unlimited email

The decline in hormones which cause predictable symptoms of aging is called Andropause in men and Menopause in women. You may have experienced some of the following symptoms:

  • Declining sexual interest or function

  • Decreased energy, drive, and motivation

  • Increased body fat or loss of lean muscle

  • Reduction in strength and cardiovascular condition

  • Slower healing and physical recuperation

  • More injuries, muscle and joint aches, and illness

  • Irritability, anxiety, and mild depression

  • Less restful sleep

  • Slower mental function and memory

Andropause: Male Hormone Deficiency

Andropause: Male Hormone Deficiency

Menopause: Female Hormone Deficiency

Menopause: Female Hormone Deficiency


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Program Also Includes:

Nutrition Counseling

Patients are given nutritional guidance with direction in order to attain the best results and medical benefits. Patients are prescribed individualized diet plans and specific supplements based on their different needs. Our patients are fed up with being inundated with quick-fix promises of looking great and losing weight just about everywhere they look. Our goal is to make true the saying that age is “just a number” and take control of your health by achieving weight loss goals or managing weight with confidence.


Exercise is essential to maintaining and improving overall health. Exercise is a key component to wellness at any age and is and an integral part of Premier Age Management’s program. For those taking control, health related quality of life can be invigorated with adherence to physical activity. Directed exercise and training can give greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, decreases in tension about physical activity, increases energy, and provides motivation and guidance.

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Premier Age Management can refer you to the most elite trainers in their field with years of experience, patient countenance, and motivating demeanors. These highly skilled trainers will develop a personalized exercise regimen. Programs will be very specific to the individual client, based on his or her goals, medical history, injury history, age, and level of conditioning.