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Advanced Lab Testing

Spectracell Micronutrient Testing

As the ONLY functional test on the market, SpectraCell’s technology measures how well micronutrients function in the body. Opposite of standard blood testing, SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing reflects an intracellular measurement which is essential for determining the body’s ability to absorb, transport, metabolize and utilize nutrients. Results reflect a period of months, not hours or days like traditional lab work. SpectraCell additionally offers patients antioxidant capacity and measurement of immune system function.

Spectracell Cardiometabolic Testing

SpectraCell’s CardioMetabolic Test offers a clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), progression towards Type 2 Diabetes and inflammation. Whether you are at high risk for heart disease or managing an existing diabetic condition, SpectraCell’s CardioMetabolic Test is appropriate and recommended.

Meridian Valley Food Sensitivity Testing 

Meridian Valley Labs utilizes ELISA testing (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) which checks your blood for antibodies your body may be making to specific foods. The allergy profile focuses on detecting delayed hypersensitivities. Foods that can be more problematic for your result in higher levels of these antibodies in your blood.

Diagnostic Solutions Lab GI-Mapping 

GI-MAPTM quantitatively assesses a patient’s microbiome with attention to bacterial, parasitic and viral pathogens that can cause disease, disrupt the normal microbial balance and contribute to chronic GI illness. Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory utilizes proven qPCR technology with high sensitivity and specificity to provide quantitative, accurate and reliable results.